A Modern Precast Concrete Bridge Technology

Arch Bridge Highlights

The average construction and erection time above the foundation is 50% less as compared to the conventional bridges.

15-25% Average Cost Over Traditional Bridges

Defensibility Patent Pending Methodology

120+ Years Average Life-Span

PoC in Nagpur

About Arch Bridges

This amazing arch bridge technology is surprisingly one of the oldest types of bridge techniques that have been in existence for over 1000 years. Roman engineers were the first to build these
long-lasting bridges. These Roman bridges were built with stones and had the arch as the basic structure.

Advantages of Arch Bridges

-> Long Life-Span

-> Almost Maintenance-Free

-> Minimal Obstruction

-> Increases Strength

Our Specialty

Working Process 1
Precast Socket

Precast Socket

Working Process 2
Precast Block

Precast Block

Working Process 3
Precast Arch Strip

Precast Arch Strip

Working Process 4
No Structural Steel

No Structural Steel

Working Process 5
Fast Construction

Fast Construction

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